This past year marked the 30th Anniversary of RESET, where close to 1000 women have taken steps to become free of sexual
exploitation. Our 2019 Annual Report outlines our achievements during this historic year.

This year, the Board of Directors collaborated with staff to develop a new strategic plan that will carry us through the next
three years. We collectively agreed that RESET will focus on three strategic priorities: 1) Program Efficiency, 2) Program Enhancement,
and 3) a Stakeholder Collaboration.

RESET remains committed to supporting and working alongside women wherever they are in their journey. And as RESET grows, we
continue to bear witness to women who come and find their voices to tell their stories – stories of strength, courage, and change.
Furthermore, this wouldn’t be possible without you, the greater community; RESET has been blessed to have many people walk
alongside our Participants during their time of change, and for that we are grateful and thankful.