Please vote for RESET Society in the Field Law Community Program open now. To better serve and meet the needs of Participants in the EXIT Program we would like to retrofit our classroom with new desks and tablets for Participants. Tablets would allow Participants to fully engage in content being delivered in class, build skills, and enable them to access counselling, legal, and academic support. Currently our classroom can accommodate 15-20 women. Purchasing new desks would allow us to accommodate more women in class and enable us to be more effective in our delivery of programming. This funding would increase the quality of support we are able to provide by giving us the necessary tools to deliver programming and meet Participants needs.


Calgary City Council estimates that at least 3,000 individuals are working in the sex trade in Calgary each year (CBC News-2014). Women wanting to exit sexual exploitation and trafficking face significant and complex barriers such as mental health, addictions, homelessness, poverty, and lack of safety and appropriate support. Women aged 16 and over seeking to exit sexual exploitation and trafficking by participating in the EXIT Program will directly benefit from these upgrades. EXIT evaluation results show women addressing immediate physical and mental health needs are able to engage in long-term healing and recovery that enables successful avoidance of sex-trade involvement.

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