RESET Society of Calgary

RESET Society of Calgary is a registered non-profit organization that operates 24 hours a day, year-round. We provide client driven, long-term, comprehensive, wraparound programming and support for women (age 16 and above) who have experienced sexual exploitation and/or sex trafficking. Our programming encompasses extending services to pregnant women, and women with children, as well as women experiencing co-occurring issues and challenges such as addiction, trauma, and homelessness.

We offer two stages of housing, supported housing and supportive independent housing, which allows women to stabilize and begin the process of healing and successfully complete their self-guided transition. We deliver, enable access to, and facilitate community partnerships that provide, crucial services that are key to our clients’ success including our recovery-oriented, comprehensive EXIT Life-skills Classroom program, therapeutic recreational programming, access to mental health and physical health care providers, a women’s health and wellness program, employment skills development, educational guidance and support and long-term Community Support. Based in Calgary, we collaborate with agencies to support women from across Canada to survive and thrive after exploitation.

RESET is a diverse community, with a mosaic of faith, backgrounds and goals, committed to developing and maintaining integrity and trust in our relationships as we seek our higher power. We believe healing occurs in the presence of genuine relationships. With that in mind, RESET has developed a long-term program with an emphasis on lifelong friendships and investment in each other’s lives. We believe that a sense of belonging, and a feeling of connectedness are crucial for all individuals who have suffered through trauma and abuse. We believe in advocacy, appreciation for all, and that everyone has an important contribution to make to society.

Our new Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking Training offers a real-world, local perspective through a law enforcement, service provider and lived-experience lens, which is unique among the options available. If you are interested in learning more about the training, connect with theresa@resetcalgary.ca