Our approach:

We believe healing occurs in the presence of genuine relationships. With that in mind, RESET has developed a long-term program with an emphasis on lifelong friendships and investment in each other’s lives. At point of program intake, women are assigned a Key Worker who supports their progress through RESET programming. Key Workers also support women’s success by providing and facilitating links to resources that address specific, individualized and identified needs and goals.

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We believe that a sense of belonging and a feeling of connectedness are crucial for all individuals who have suffered through trauma and abuse. We believe in advocacy, appreciation for all, and that everyone has an important contribution to make to society. Our emphasis on relationships and mutuality between staff, volunteers and women is vital to our program which includes a safe and stable home environment with a Live-In Volunteer, a long term recovery-based life skills program, free on-site childcare, job shadowing and work experience opportunities, career development, and educational resources.

Hope at RESET is about breaking generational cycles of poverty and abuse, discovering and nurturing each individual’s gifts and abilities and affirming that we are all valuable and worthy members of society.

Over the 30 years of RESET existence, women have reported that the knowledge that they were believed in made all the difference to their recovery. Staff and volunteers, while entrusted with the responsibility to care for the women and children who access RESET services, are sensitive to issues linked to power and vulnerability.

EXIT Program Goals:

· To facilitate and support safe exit from sexual exploitation for women and girls age 16+ and their children

· To maintain partnership with CPS to support rapid-exit for victims of sexual exploitation and prevent criminal activity

· To engage women in an empowering environment and supportive community that will help them maintain commitment to their exit from sexual exploitation

· To support and empower women to set goals, connect with appropriate resources, and build personal independence and resiliency skills

· To support and empower women to build a more stable and sustainable life for themselves and their children, free from sexual exploitation.

The partnership with Pathy Foundation will benefit the EXIT Program threefold; 1) to support and strengthen the ongoing core program to ensure sexually exploited survivors are able to reclaim their lives as they recover from the violence and trauma the have experienced, 2) adding one additional Support Worker/Key Worker will allow us to add 2 rapid-exit stabilization beds at our i-EXIT House and reduce our ever growing waitlist and 3) the integration of Indigenous cultural connections and integrate Indigenous cultural programming into the EXIT Life-Skills Classroom will enable the organization to provide deeper and more meaningful service to Indigenous Participants as well as all other women in the program.
We work from a holistic worldview and acknowledge the intergenerational, past and current trauma disproportionately experienced by Indigenous women in Canada. We seek to change the conditions for Indigenous women by providing training and education about sex trade involvement that highlights the historical processes that have led to greater vulnerability amongst Indigenous women.