Where it Ends, I Begin.

After a two-year hiatus, the EXITUS magazine has returned. For RESET’s 33rd year of operation, our Participants chose the theme, Where it Ends, I Begin. This year’s theme reflects the journey of rediscovering oneself after exiting sexual exploitation.

A loss of self-identity is commonplace for survivors of sexual exploitation. However, their stories don’t end with exploitation. As you read their stories, you will see that it is only
the beginning of a bright and budding future. Whether it be cooking, athletics, peer mentoring, fine art, academics and more, the Participants  at RESET are given the space and resources to engage their unique interests.

The contributors and staff at RESET see beyond what a survivor of sexual exploitation has endured. Our hope for this edition of EXITUS is for the readers to see the same; A woman whose strength cannot be measured, and a sense of hope fueled by unwavering determination. We thank you for taking part in the journey of wonder and self-discovery.

Read the full 2022 ExitUS publication here.