As August was Human Trafficking Awareness month our Executive Director Theresa was invited by Vanisha Breault to be a guest on her Ordinary Courage Podcast. As Vanisha also wanted to chat about the landscape of trafficking here in Calgary, Theresa invited our longtime program partner Detective Paul of Calgary Police Service along. Read on for details regarding this dynamic conversation:

This episode of Ordinary Courage is for the purpose of AWARENESS  of this urgent and prevalent issue. We need to do more and we need to do better. Please help us get the word out by sharing this episode with everyone you know.
#ihaveaname is not about the most up to date statistics it’s about people, this hits closer to home than we think.

In this episode we have Executive Director, Theresa Jenkins of Reset Society of Calgary, a local agency here in Calgary Alberta that work with survivors of Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking. Reset is the only comprehensive system of services in Alberta designed specifically for women who are survivors of sexual exploitation. It is also the only agency that will support women with their children.

Also joining us is Detective Paul Rubner. In his over 28 year career with the Calgary Police, Det. Rubner has spent over 11 of those years working in the Human Trafficking Counter Exploitation Unit. Det. Rubner has been directly involved in the apprehension of over 220 sexually exploited youth and is a provincially recognized expert in the area of youth sexual exploitation.
WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT! – Listen to the full episode at: